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Trauma & Injury Treatments for Broken Bones

“Broken bones” and “fractures” are used interchangeably but they are both serious results of excessive force or pressure being applied to the bone requiring immediate medical attention. Despite broken bones and fractures being one of the most common injuries treated at urgent care centers and emergency rooms, the severity, location, and how the fracture came about are important factors when creating a treatment plan for your situation.

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If you suspect that any bones of yours have been shattered, cracked, or completely broken, confide with our friendly medical staff at Superior Urgent Care for a thorough assessment and treatment of your broken or fractured bones.

Types of Fractures

Different types of injuries can produce several varying fractures on your bones. Identifying which kind of fracture you’ve received is crucial in determining the proper course of treatment for your specific condition. Some common fractures treated include:

  • Stable fractures - One of the simplest kinds of fractures to treat, stable fractures are characterized by the fact that the broken ends of the bone being “stable” and not moving irregularly out of place. An x-ray or other imaging test will show the fracture as a simple line, while barely any space, if any, in between the bone pieces.
  • Hairline/stress fractures - Also called partial fractures, these types of fractures are not entirely broken or have separated into pieces. Popular among athletes and lovers of exercise, these bruises, and minor cracks are attributed to overuse of specific bone structures or resulting from constant, repetitive action.
  • Oblique fractures - These types of fractures include any fracture lines that are angled except for the 90-degree transverse cracks. Oblique fractures tend to display a slope or curve within the fracture line.
  • Comminuted fractures - Usually resulting from a high-velocity injury or impact, comminuted fractures include any fractures in which the bone shatters or breaks into three or more pieces. These kinds of fractures tend to be more complicated to treat.
  • Compound fractures - Also known as open fractures, these involve a piece of your bone or bones protruding out of your skin. Because the bone and skin tissue are exposed, contamination is more prone to occur, so immediate medical assistance is necessary to prevent any infection.

Signs and Symptoms of Broken Bones & Fractures

When you have had excessive force or trauma on any part of your body and you suspect to have any broken bones or fractures, watch out for certain signs and symptoms:

  • Immediate pain as soon as you have been injured that is persistent
  • Pain when you move or bear any weight on the injured site
  • Swelling, tenderness, or a hard, bruised lump at the injured area
  • Lack or hindrance of movement when trying to use or walk on the limb or joint
  • Dizziness or weakness, specifically with injuries or fractures located around the femur or pelvic area

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