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Advanced Imaging Services in Keller & Saginaw

At Superior Urgent Care, our adept medical staff is equipped with advanced imaging and x-ray technology to help give our patients a thorough diagnosis and develop the proper course of treatment necessary for their road to recovery. The certified and licensed radiologists at our urgent care center are proficiently trained and experienced to capture and provide accurate and clear images every time, without the hassle or prolonged wait-times at a conventional hospital setting or doctor’s office.

For inquiries regarding our imaging services in Keller and Saginaw, contact Superior Urgent Care at (817) 567-2926.

Conditions Diagnosed With Our Saginaw & Keller Imaging Services

Our x-ray machinery and other imaging devices are not just used to verify for broken bones or fractures. Our imaging services can help with diagnosing other health conditions such as:

  • Joint dislocations
  • Foreign bodies
  • Pneumonia
  • Congestion/fluid in the lungs
  • Kidney stones
  • Breast cancer
  • Tumors and other signs of cancer (CT scan)
  • Bowel obstructions & other abdominal issues
  • Assess internal structures and potential injuries (CT scan)

Imaging Services Available at Superior Urgent Care

The radiographic/imaging technology available at our facility include:

  • X-rays - Usually the most well known, x-rays allow healthcare providers to obtain radiographic images of the inner body structure (particularly the skeletal system) to check for any sort of abnormalities. While ordered quite frequently for assessment of broken bones or fractures, x-rays are very useful as chest x-rays for evaluating signs of pneumonia, or in mammograms to spot any signs of breast cancer.
  • CT scans - Also used interchangeably with CAT scans, this specialized machinery is a combination of computers and x-rays that develop cross-sectional images of your inner structure. These scans can show the blood vessels, bones, and soft tissues of any part of your body. It is a helpful diagnostic tool for detecting:
    • Blood clots
    • Broken bones
    • Signs of inflammation
    • Infections
    • Internal bleeding
    • Heart disease
    • Tumors
    • Cancer

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Trust Superior Urgent Care for accurate diagnoses with our excellent imaging services, including x-rays. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Keller and Saginaw ensure swift and reliable results, aiding in the identification of various medical conditions. Whether you require an x-ray for fractures, injuries, or diagnostic purposes, our skilled team is dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality care. Visit Superior Urgent Care for comprehensive services, where your health is our priority.

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  • “Have gotten tested for COVID-19 here twice! Super quick process and the results come back within 30 minutes. Will continue to recommend this location to others!”

    - Michelle M.
  • “I came here for a rapid Covid-19 test. I was able to walk In, fill out the paperwork in the car, and get a phone call when they were ready for me. The whole waiting process took about 50 minutes - not too bad.”

    - Mandy W.
  • “I was quickly put at ease by the front desk staff's attentiveness and willingness to get us in and out quickly. Kevin, the tech we worked with, was phenomenal.┬áThe doctors and nurses that we interacted with were also great.”

    - Morgan T.